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The Kingdom of Bhutan or simply Bhutan is a perfect model of a country serious about conservation and preservation efforts. Cautious to adapt modernization endeavors puts great value on its past, its religion and its naturally endowed beauty and wealth. The result: a country of happy people living in a beautiful, pristine and serene environment seemingly untouched by the hazards and downsides of fast track development.


Bhutan: Why Go?

Preservation of biodiversity

Environmental conservation in Bhutan is not just an idea but also a firm commitment never to be compromised. It is at the very core of the country’s policies and developmental strategies. This small Himalayan kingdom teems with well-preserved natural beauty. It has vast tracts of forested areas, swift flowing rivers and beautiful majestic mountains never before climbed by anyone because they are honored as sacred sanctuaries of deities and spirits.

High value-low volume tourism policy

In Bhutan policy decisions are never made without careful evaluation of their effect on the people. To keep foreign influences on its culture and people at bay, a high value-low volume tourism policy has been instituted in the Kingdom. In this small Himalayan country often called the last Shangri-La, preservation and promotion of culture and tradition and the protection of the natural environment are far dearer to the hearts of the people than revenue potential. That is why despite the passage of time the country’s rich and unique cultural heritage and values have remained intact.

Deeply ingrained spiritual values

Quality of life in Bhutan is not measured solely by GDP but also by Gross National Happiness, the country’s development philosophy rooted on Buddhist values that measures quality of life based on its people’s spiritual and mental well-being. For the Bhutanese Buddhism is not just about rites and rituals but a way of life. This may account for the sense of peacefulness and joy that you will feel when you visit this landlocked kingdom in South Asia.

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