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Kiribati is a group of islands located in the Central Pacific. The name of the country is the literal translation of the word Gilberts. It was derived from Thomas Gilberts who discovered the islands. The country is not just rich in beautiful natural resources, but is also filled with unique cultural celebrations.

The Virgin Islands

If you want to visit a place that is very clean, green and serene, you must go to Butaritari. This is one of the most visited islands in Kiribati. You can find a lot of fruit bearing trees in the island because of its rich soils. It is also a home to different species of animals. Accessing the islands is also a lot easier now because of the number of tourists visiting the place.

Beautiful Cultural Show

In some nights, locals perform songs and dances in public places for foreign guests. Performances are also done during festivals and other celebrations. The folk music of the country is based on chanting and humming. Body movements also come with the songs and some other musical instruments such as the Te Buki or a wooden box.

From scenic spots to lovely cultural shows, Kiribati has a lot to offer. See it now by booking flights with Skiddoo.

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