We recommend that you carry any items of value in your hand luggage during the flight. All other items should be placed in the hold luggage, unless you may need them during the flight.

Passengers are allowed to carry one item of hand luggage through airport security. The item must be no larger than 56cm (22 inches) tall, 45 cm (17.7 inches) wide and 25 cm (10 inches) deep. These guidelines may vary depending on the airline you are flying with.

Other bags, for example handbags, may be carried within the single item of hand luggage. 

All items carried through security will be screened by x-rays. 

Laptops and large electrical items must be removed from the hand luggage to be screened separately.

If you have more bags than the permitted allowance or your bags exceed the weight or size restrictions, you will be charged additional fees.  

Please contact the airline for more information as this will vary by destination and departing airport.


Philippine Airlines - Carry-on: 7 kg


Budget Economy

Regular Economy

Premium Economy

Business Class Promo

(Mabuhay Classic)

Premium Business Class*

(Mabuhay Premium)

Baggage Fee 
From MNL 
per kilo

Baggage Fee 
per kilo

All Domestic

10 kg

Flights on Q300/Q400 aircraft: 10 kg 

All other flights: 20 kg

25 kg

30 kg

35 kg

PHP 200 (VAT inclusive)

AirAsia / Zest Air - Carry-on: 7 kg - No free checked baggage allowance

  • Pre-booked checked baggage starts at PHP170 for up to 15 kg, but it is possible to pre-book up to 40 kg (PHP1700)

Cebu Pacific - Carry-on: 7 kg - No free checked baggage allowance

The total weight of checked luggage is limited per passenger depending on the type of aircraft operating the flight and itinerary:

  • ATR 72 flights and flights with combinations of Airbus and ATR – maximum 20 kg.
  • Airbus A319, A320 and A330 – maximum 40 kg.
  • Caticlan flights, including other flights connecting to Caticlan – maximum 10 kg.

As Cebu Pacific fares for all flights do not include allowances for checked baggage, passengers should consider purchasing a Prepaid Baggage Allowance. 

  • Pre-booked checked baggage starts at PHP180 for up to 15 kg, but it is possible to pre-book up to 40 kg (PHP900).


Luggage allowances vary between airlines and destinations; make sure you confirm the allowances for your flight by referring to your confirmation email, or contact the airline directly. Some low-cost carriers offer prepaid luggage check-in facilities.  Please contact the airline directly for these facilities and specific luggage allowance. 

Cabin and checked baggage allowance does vary from airline to airline, but as a general guide:

First Class:         40 kg free baggage allowance per person.

Business Class:  30 kg free baggage allowance per person.

Economy Class:  20 kg free baggage allowance per person.

For travel to and from the USA, the free baggage allowance is 1 piece per person. Please check with your consultant for dimension and weight information. Please note that some domestic airfares and Trans-Tasman airfares may not include any checked baggage. To check your specific baggage allowance, prior to making your purchase, please contact our Customer Service Team